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Goodbye, Mickey Rooney

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:48 PM by Page-Mistress:iconpage-mistress:
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I learned something earlier today that actually made me gasp.
Mickey Rooney is dead.
The first time I ever saw Mickey Rooney was in a Disney Channel Original Movie called Phantom of the Megaplex, where he played a man who, if I recalled correctly, loved old movies a lot and acted like he worked there, though he really didn't. For a while, it seemed that he might have been behind everything, but the whole time I was watching I didn't believe that simply because he was so nice. And I was right.
Perhaps, looking back, it was because I recognized his voice. Mickey Rooney was in Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, as Flip the Clown.
Ironically, looking at the list of films he did, there's a lot he was in that I have, in fact, seen, but, at the time I watched them, I had no idea who he was. So these two will remain, in a way, my "firsts" of him; the first time I saw him, and the first time I heard him that I would be able to easily recall.
Prior to his death, he was filming scenes for Night at the Museum 3, though what they will do now is unknown. Perhaps it says something, however, that he was working to the last.
Mickey was also great friends with Judy Garland. He once said, "Judy and I were so close we could've come from the same womb. We weren't like brothers or sisters but there was no love affair there; there was more than a love affair. It's very, very difficult to explain the depths of our love for each other. It was so special. It was a forever love. Judy, as we speak, has not passed away. She's always with me in every heartbeat of my body."
With this, and everything else I've seen just by watching his films, in my mind, Mickey Rooney will always remain a passionate man who hopefully enjoyed every role he ever had, had a great sense of humor, whose career in film spans decades.
I always said that, if Mickey Rooney died, he would be one of the ones I would react to. And I was right.
So goodbye and good night, say hi to Judy for us, because she is for sure waiting for you.
And know this, with every film people watch, you too, will never really pass away.
From the mourning heart of a fan, I love you, Mickey Rooney.


United States
(fictional info)
I'm Page-Mistress! Assistant Keeper of the Books and Guardian of the Written Word to the Page Master! Not that he really needs an assistant, but he seems to like my company. We pretty much live and work at The Library (pronouncing the capitals is important). All things that have ever been written are here (even shopping lists, which doesn't sound that cool until you realize just how old some are). When authors who wrote things worth remembering die, their spirits come here (and go somewhere else too. I don't really get it, and Master says it's best not to think about it too much). It's actually pretty cool... Except when they argue and throw stuff, because even if it isn't really there, it's disconcerting. And there's the ones that smoke and just won't obey the "No Smoking" signs for one reason or another. Still, it's a pretty nice job. I get to hang out with Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, and all sorts of books! Don't believe me? Well, I get to hang out with a guy that sounds like Christopher Lloyd, a book that sounds like Whoopi Goldberg, a book that sounds like Frank Welker, and a book that sounds like Patrick Stewart as a pirate, so your lack of belief doesn't bother me.
Let's see now. I have quite a few muses, most of who happen to be some of my versions of characters from Alice in Wonderland. [frowns] That... is actually not as much fun as you'd think. They like to pop in and out of my lives, force me to go on crazy adventures, and tend to show up due to boredom. There's also this sign that pops up every so often that explains my mindset. I've got no idea where it came from. I have no idea where it goes. It just pops into existence from no where.
I've also got an emergency bunker, that has yet to run out of space. When bad things are potentially afoot, I tend to go there and invite people to join me. It has various names, such as the "Anti-Jadis Bunker", but no matter what I call it, it's the same one. I just like naming it sometimes.
(some real info)
Well, I'm a girl. I love reading books though I tend to spend more time reading online lately. I'm tolerant of different religions. Some of my favorite artists here are Rinkusu001, AsheRyder, and swirlheart. I often make clever or funny comments without really trying (seriously, I made a comment about an anti-Jadis bunker once, and five people replied about wanting to come in.) People replying to my stuff (including comments) makes me happy. I have way too many favorite characters. The number of fictional men I like (basically, who I'll think up fanfics for) is WAY too long, and sadly I'm pretty sure there are more evil men than good ones on there. I want to be an editor/writer some day. I tend to favorite a lot of things, which tends to make people watch me. I like going to conventions, because I know that everyone there is as weird as me. I'm also a Brony and proud! I'm a minor Trekkie. Often, I'll like fan art more than I like where it actually comes from. I've favorited a bit of Naruto fan stuff, but I don't actually like Naruto. I love hearing men with accents talk.

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